A complete guide to sharpe a chainsaw

Chainsaws are meant to last for a long time. They tend to be expensive which is why nobody wants to replace his older one too frequently. Another reason is that a person who is using the chainsaw for domestic purposes tends to get accustomed to his model and thus may find it difficult to operate a newer one. However there is one problem with chainsaws that must be dealt with if you want your chainsaw to function optimally for a long time. The edges of the chainsaw tend to get dull with time which would make it difficult to cut through the pieces of logs. You would have to apply greater force and the result would not be that much satisfactory.
If you want to get rid of this problem you need to learn how to sharpen a chainsaw. For this you should read lots of chainsaw reviews around the web and also have full information from chainsaw manual. Not many people are aware of the steps.Before we move on top elaborate on the steps, it is imperative that you keep in mind that you need to be careful. Make sure you are fully aware as to how to sharpen the chainsaw as you do not want to incur an injury.
The first step that you will have to perform would be to acquire a chainsaw file. This should be in line with the size of the chain of your chainsaw. The shopkeeper can help you with that if you let him know the correct diameter of your equipment. The next step would be to cleanse the chains thoroughly. Remove all the oil, dirt and any other material that has accumulated over it over the protracted course of time. You can make use of degreasing detergent for the purpose. Make sure that you do not wash the equipment too drastically lest you cause damage to the engine or other parts. After cleaning, you need to inspect the chain carefully for any damaged parts. If any such part is present, remove it before commencing with the sharpening.
Now we come to the technical aspect as of sharpening a chainsaw. Set your saw on a solid surface in such a way that it is stable which would ensure that no accident occurs as you proceed to sharpen it due to sudden movement. You should start the procedure with the shortest cutter on the chain. If all the cutters have the same size, select any on randomly and mark it as your starting point. It is imperative that you file each cutter to the same length. Now you can start the process of sharpening by sliding the file across the notch, twisting it slightly as you proceed to get rid of the fillings that are removed. Use the other hand to advance the chain so that all the cutters would be cut identically. Once your one round is compete, reverse the saw and repeat the same exercise in the other direction. Carefully inspect the depth gauge to make sure that no residual is left on it.
Once you have performed all the steps you need to oil the chain and you are good to go.